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UK Healthcare Workers

If you’re a healthcare professional in Ghana seeking opportunities in the UK, TDG Jobs can help you continue your career journey. Targeted at Medical Doctors, Nurses (Including Mental Health Nurses and Midwives), Pharmacists.

This service is jointly provided by

TDG Jobs Ghana,

TDG Jobs UK,

DCANS Healthcare Ghana,

DCANS Healthcare UK 

Care Now Pay Later - Ghana, UK, Europe & Global, and

Kaizer Pharma Ghana/UK/Global.

All above are divisions and/or subsidiaries of The DCANS Group Limited


The table below gives you a picture of healthcare salary levels in the UK: 


FY - Foundation Year         ST - Specialist Training


Standard Occupational Code (SOC)
Job Types
 Medical Practitioners
Medical Radiographers (incl radiotherapy practitioners / technologists)
 Occupational Therapists
 Speech and Language Therapists
Social Workers
Nursing Auxiliaries and Assistants
Areas of Shortage
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
 England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Typical Salary Range Per Year
 £28,000 - £33,000 (FY1/2, 40-hour-weeks) , £34,000 - £54,000 (ST1 - ST8, 40-hour-weeks), £45,000 - £78,000 (Specialty Doctors) , £82,000 - £110,000 (Consultants)


Package Details

• No Upfront Fees

• Full Application Support

• Airline Ticket Included

• Free Airport Pickup (if required)

• Free 30 days (one month) Accommodation Upon Arrival Included (if required)

• Assisted Sight-Seeing Available (if needed, preferably before you start work)

• Residential Reservation Support (provided via a group of UK-based sister companies:

- Preowned Homes provided by The Property Portfolio Builder (The PPB) UK,

- New Build Homes provided by Property Sultan UK,

- Try before you buy a home service provided by Rent to Buy UK

You may continue your tenancy in the same house you were provided upon arrival and start paying applicable rent beyond the free 7 days or choose some other vacant property provided by our partners or from your own sourcing.

• Home Purchase Support  Available via our Partners (including low-rate home mortgage option or rent to buy).

• Access to Healthcare Worker Loans via Quidmaster Loans and/or Quid Pay, including Salary Advance Loans even before you receive your first paycheck. 

• Ongoing UK Living Support (including legal and tax filing support via TLA Firm & Partners)


Requirements & Documentation Required (Employee to provide)

• Minimum of 2 years post-qualification work experience

• Proof of Education (Degree Certificates)

• Proof of English Language Proficiency (possession of IELTS or degree qualification taught in english is enough proof of your ability to read, write, speak and understand english)

• Proof of Finance (TDG Jobs Partner Employers provide financial documentation on behalf of the employee as proof of adequate funds aside indication on the CoS, but if an employee wants to include their spouse and/or children, he/she may have to provide such additional financial documentation to support his/her accompanying family). We pre-approve you for a Salary Advance of 1,270 to be made official via the 'Additional data' section to cover 'sponsor certifies maintenance' section of your CoS.

• Valid Passport (more than 6 months to expiry and with at least one blank page)

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• Tuberculosis Test Results

• Criminal Record Certificate


Documentation Required (Employer to provide)

• Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

• Proof of Job Offer (Sponsorship Reference Number)


Deferred Applicable Fees

Fees and Charges apply but they are deferred until arrival in the UK.


• Processing Fees & Charges - £ 20,000* (Not Upfront). Monthly repayment via instalment only start after arriving in the UK and you start working

Fee Type
Sponsor Licence + Certificate of Sponsorship (Cos)
 Skilled Worker Visa Application (Formerly Tier 2 General Visa)
 Yearly Healthcare surcharge
Airline Ticket
Miscellaneous (incl other official costs)
 £624 (£2,496 5yrs)
 £2,000 - £4,000


* This can be paid by monthly instalment after you start working in the UK.


How do I apply?

Non-existing healthcare workers with us will have to apply directly with TDG Jobs UK (a sister company). Note: TDG Jobs UK DOES NOT charge any upfront fees to recruit prospective employees already residing in the UK.

Kindly login onto this platform with your valid credentials and apply for free (deferred costs). All supporting documents to be attached must be in PDF Format Only.







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