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Excel Proficiency

To assist managers in determining the level of proficiency necessary to perform adequately in positions ... Levels of competency in using Microsoft Excel:


 This level of skills is required to perform tasks and work with data in worksheets. A person with this level of skills is able to enter and correct data, modify a workbook, format a worksheet, and use printing functions.
 The person has the skills to • Open files and use page setup.
• Enter, correct, and save data. • Use the menu commands. • Format cells, rows, and columns. • Understand navigation and movement techniques. • Use simple arithmetic functions in the formulas. • Access Help. • Modify a database and insert data from another application. • Print worksheets and workbooks
 This level of skills is required to work with multiple worksheets, filter data, use integrate functions, and manipulate databases. With this level of skills, a person understands the concepts of databases and is able to work with charts and to use the list management capabilities of Excel
 The person has the skills to • Create, modify, and format charts. • Use graphic objects to enhance worksheets and charts. • Filter data and manage a filtered list. • Perform multiple-level sorting, use sorting options, and design considerations. • Use mathematical, logical, statistical, and financial functions. • Group and dissociate data and perform interactive analysis. • Create and modify some Macro commands
 This level of skills is required to use advanced techniques for analyzing and manipulating data in Excel. A person with this level of skills is able to automate some operations, manage Macro commands, and create MS Excel applications.
 The person has the skills to • Customize the work area. • Use advanced functions (Names, VLOOKUP, IF, IS). • Work with Pivot Tables. • Use spreadsheet Web components. • Manage Macro commands: concepts, planning, operations, execution, modification, interruption. • Use personalized toolbars. • Perform some programming in VBA.


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