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Onboarding Training

Onboarding programmes are designed to acclimate individuals who are either newly hired or transferred from within to new positions. They are typically administered by the Training and/or Human Resources Team of TDG Jobs Ghana.

During this process, new employees are provided with comprehensive guidance, their place within the team, and the essential knowledge for getting started.


Personalised Training

Aside the warm welcome and a team session, new recruits are setup on a measurable personal training programme straight away, to help them to feel part of the employer's existing team and allow them to start absorbing info between sessions and on-the-go.

The employee area of this TDG Jobs Ghana Platform provides useful resources for new recruit development.


Ongoing Onboarding

At TDG Jobs Ghana and it's Employer Partners, onboarding is not a one-off event: absorbing company values takes time and performing well requires practice. Blended learning strategy to maximise effectiveness: a face-to-face session where everyone meets, a crash course to cover the essentials, a long-term learning path to develop an individual’s specific skills and strengths over time. Our brains are not outfitted to take in huge amounts of information at once, hence the staggered onboarding programme.


Dynamic Onboarding

We try to make the onboarding process as interesting and engaging as possible, by regularly adding new training content to keep it fresh and allowing employees to stay both up to speed and engaged. Tailored it to employer partner for each new recruit, so it reflects the culture, values and even their colour scheme.

The TDG Jobs Ghana Onboarding programme allows you to do exactly that and do it up to 50% faster than normal e-learnings. We can also add gamified elements like quizzes, puzzles, videos and rewards to keep content fun and shareable amongst staff, motivating them to come back for more. This is combined with interactive in-person sessions that allow newbies to actively experience the company culture.


Tech Solutions

Onboarding cost money. Which is why we ask our teams for their input and keep managers involved throughout the whole process. Use our data insights to look back at staff adoption of materials. Monitor their progress over time and look forward at periodical reviews, setting actionable learning goals together.

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