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Founder's Message

To have exceptional success in business, you need to have exceptional employees. Ultimately, our job is to attract the best talent, and convince the right candidate that this move is the right one to make. In our view, a candidate’s belief system is going to have a powerful impact on his or her capacity to accompany change, and progress with confidence and efficiency into the unknown context generated by the fast-moving churn of innovation and market turnover.

One of the key points we need to evaluate is the belief that change brings opportunities – not threats. This is why the human axis of the interviewing process is so fundamental to our strategy. Building a trusting and mutually respectful relationship will bring us a more subtle and deeper perception of the candidate’s expectations. Bringing to the surface a deeper grasp of the future employer; helping the candidate to understand the client's characteristic qualities – the brand and corporate culture – all these steps within our strategy aim to engage the candidate in this specific project, and shape affinities with the new employer.

I founded this platform (onboarded HR Team Members supportive) as an alternative to the bogus options existing with current incumbent recruitment platforms that failed to deliver what I want and needed to grow scaling businesses under my parent company, and I was determined that TDG Jobs Ghana would stand for something more than highly skilled use of tools and automatic tests: a team of consultants would be present, advise and accompany the entire recruitment process, from start to finish – not relegating parts of the job to computer programmes, and certainly not without real-life meetings and human interaction. Thanks to our constant processes of in-house training and coaching, our consultants participate in an approach which efficiently uses the latest tools, but goes beyond them – deploying active listening, deep empathy and open dialogue with every candidate.

Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and goodwill with all our candidates, an open state of mind which deepens along the entire process of assessing talent and potential. I believe in the Ghanaian Dream and the Ghana Project. Looking forward to working with talented, dynamic individuals who can see into the future and bring about changes.


Isaac Osei.

BSc. Human Biology (KNUST) || MBChB Medicine & Surgery, KNUST-KATH (I)

Founder, The DCANS Group Limited || Founder, Osei SFO.

Facebook || Twitter || Linkedin


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