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If you are not yet an existing employee recruited via the TDG Jobs Ghana Platform, then kindly head to Platform to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. [Disclosure: is a sister company of TDG Jobs Ghana - we share the same parent company]. It's important to note that, is not like any of the talkshop business startup platform or signpost outfits littered all over the place across Ghana. They provide what really matters for you to start and/or grow your own business.

But if you are an existing employee recruited via this TDG Jobs Ghana Platform and would want to strike out on your own, then we provide a safe passage for you as you navigate the turbulent terrain of entrepreneurship. This TDG Jobs Ghana platform integrates seamlessly with the Platform, so you do not need to signup again via on the Platform if you're an existing employee recruited via TDG Jobs Ghana.

As forward-thinking progressives, we hope you do not burn bridges with us when switching from an employee to an employer, hence this integrated employee-employer platform.


Starting a Business

Creating success in life is more than starting a business, or making a bunch of money, or becoming famous at what you do. The world is navigating the effects of a global pandemic. People are dealing with circumstances that they weren’t expecting to face. If you’re going to create success as a business leader, you’ll need an unstoppable mindset. These are mindset shifts that lead to growth in your life and business. If you’re committed to doing the hard work, nothing is stopping you from living an unlimited life in which you accomplish all of our major goals.


Business Registration

Getting a website for your business comes with free business registration.


Direct Funding Support

Forget about those useless ads littered all over the place that you can start a business with no money!! Is the registrar general's department going to register your business for you for free? Even if they miraculously choose to register it for you for free, how are you going to get to the RDG if you choose to go there in-person? Or wait, may be any of the Telecos can offer free internet browsing data bundle?

Get real. The only free things you get in the business arena are only available AFTER you have shown enough cause to benefit from it.

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