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Sectors & Industries

The DCANS Group Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates are players in several (22+) sectors and industries of the global economy.


Contact Centre / Customer Service

You can work under any of the customer relations outfit of any of our employers. For more details and detailed job description and how to apply, kindly see here.


Real Estate & Construction

Successful recruits have the opportunity to be part of history via employers committed and dedicated to solving issues with property rentals and sales in Ghana, including providing affordable housing and low-rate mortgages for salaried workers and registered business owners.


Commercial Agriculture & Agribusiness

Jobs in this space are not limited to farm-hands.


Healthcare & Pharma

Aside jobs for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and lab technicians in this sector via our platform with our partner employers, we also have vacancies for non-medical health sector roles.


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

A sector with over 25 areas obviously offer decent well-paid jobs for qualified candidates.


Banking & Finance

Our impending foray into mortgage and non-retail banking (a nascent sector in Ghana) makes recruiting qualified A-players in this sector via this platform very paramount. Existing non-deposit taking financial firms are similarly recruiting fit-for purpose candidates.


Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital & Family Office

The financing nerve centre of The DCANS Group has always been the alternative finance sector (not commonplace in this country).


Forex, Crypto & Precious Metals

Proprietary forex trading has also been the cash cow of The DCANS Group and ongoing growth and expansion requires recruitment of determined financial market traders on the group's own capital.

In-demand skills also needed in our crypto and precious metals space.


Payment Systems & Fintech

Our partner employer's activity in the payment systems and fintech space goes beyond the crowded mere payment transaction space (eWallet services), but also includes Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services - a key part of raking up market share in the retail space.



Food, Groceries & Beverage

F&B sector has transformed over the years from traditional jobs bars and drinking spots to restaurants, food delivery services (including cloud/ghost kitchens) to few variants available with our partner employers in this sector.


Fashion, Health & Beauty


Home/Kitchen Appliances & Kitchenware


Technology, Media & Telecommunications


Renewable Energy


Computers, Phones & IT Services


Educational Investments


Legal & Accounting


Business Support Services


Logistics & Supply Chains

As the digital transformation in the logistics industry is accelerated by the pandemic, the logistics automation market is gaining steam with the emergence of IoT, exponential growth in the eCommerce industry, advancements in robotics, and the growing demand to ensure workforce safety. We are well-positioned to empower the supply chain from producers, distributors, wholesalers to retailers throughout Ghana, the UK and Worldwide.


Aviation & Transcontinental Transport Systems


Security Technology Systems


Sports Investment Management



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