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Employee Benefits

TDG Jobs is a unique jobs and career development platform, different from the many you see around. TDG Jobs is owned and funded by the The DCANS Group Limited and it's subsidiaries and affiliates, to recruit the best human resource there is in Ghana. Our employers there is a consistent relationship between a company's profitability, productivity, and how strongly an employee believes in the company's mission and purpose. Our employers are more value-driven or intimate, offering a more personalised workplace experience - builds healthy working relationships and bonds.

Our employer partners are conscious about the way to attract the best talent by fostering a strong workplace culture, becoming a business people want to join, and stay at. To achieve this, we offer a plethora of benefits for new recruits and/or existing employees (retained talents), including but not limited to:


Free to apply

It's absolutely free to apply for a job with us. No Upfront Fees whatsoever !!!


No Useless MLM

This not some useless multi-level marketing (MLM) that are springing up all over the place. We offer real jobs for qualified applicants.


Multi-Sector Employment

We offer real well-paid jobs in over 17 sectors of Ghana's economy. Learn more.


Free Food & Snacks

Offering free food was experimented several years ago via one of our employers and the positive results showed in increased punctuality, productivity, loyal dedicated service, and profitability. Today food and snacks are provided for all our in-office workers - Food vouchers to be provided to our remote workers in the coming months.


Work From Anywhere (WFA) / Hybrid Model (Flexi)

The world of work has changed, and with some of our employers and/or positions, it is possible to work entirely remotely or combine it with in-office schedules.


Rental Assistance

With being part of The DCANS Group Limited and a sister company and employer partner of ours, you can be rest assured that providing rental accommodation for you to work efficiently and effectively will not be a problem. With this, rent can be deducted from your salary at source, without having to worry about 2yrs rent advance. Learn more.


Home Ownership Schemes

Three (3) of our sister companies and employer partners, DCANS Properties, Rent to Buy Ghana and Build Now Pay Later offer different home ownership options as a service and employees recruited via this platform are not left out. of our employers and sister companies offer three. Learn more.


Car Ownership Schemes

Some positions may come with the job, but you may also choose to own your own car and repay in 60 months instalments from Glostar Motors (a sister company and an employer partner). Learn more.


Health Cover

No serious job can be done with an unhealthy workforce. To this, we offer basic free healthcare cover, as well as Care Now Pay Later - Both options cover prescriptions and all other non-cosmetic healthcare needs. Learn more.


Employee Loans

Salary Advance, Personal Loans and Educational Loans are guaranteed by Sikamaster Loans (a sister company and partner employer). Learn more.


Retirement Planning

At The DCANS Group, we see retirement planning beyond statutory Tier-1 and Tier-2 Pensions. We provide our workforce with priceless insights and pensions advisory in preparing them for a happier retirement. Learn more.

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